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Cooking course offers free meals to students

15 students will be given a £30 voucher and training

By: Evelyn Bayerlein

Caption: "Tesco Community Cookery School with Jamie Oliver Teaching over 1,000 community cooks how to stop good food going to waste" by Tesco PLC is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

15 students will have the opportunity to cook three free meals for free, as part of a program promoted by the Shared Planet Society.

Each student will be given a £30 voucher to buy the ingredients as well as clear video instruction from ‘community cooks’ who have received training from Jamie Oliver.

The course has been designed to help students with their cooking and budgeting skills.

Writing on their Facebook page, the Shared Planet Society said: “Would you like to level up your cookery skills? We're excited to offer 15 of you 3 free courses on making nutritious, healthy and cost-effective meals at home (virtually)!

“You will receive clear video instructions for 3 delicious meals from our community cooks who receive training from Jamie Oliver & Tesco, as well as a £30 voucher to buy all the necessary ingredients!”

Speaking at the time of the program's launch, Jamie Oliver said: "It’s all about giving otherwise wasted ingredients some love, and transforming them into tasty, nutritious meals. For me, every dish we cook that reduces food waste is a winner!"

Up to "14% of students in Scotland rely on foodbanks right now", according to the President of the National Union of Students (NUS) Scotland, Matt Crilly, an issue which has been exasperated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you would like to take part in the program, message the Shared Planet Society on Facebook or email by the Thursday 18 February.


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