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International Students to Receive Funding for Quarantine

As the University of Aberdeen prepares to restart the academic year, students from certain countries will have the cost of quarantine covered for them.

By Olivia Mackenzie

Photo courtesy of terminal5insider under CC BY 2.0

Despite restrictions in Scotland being eased, there are still certain countries out-with the UK that are on a “UKVI red-list”, meaning the UK Government considers them to be high-risk areas. Students from these countries will be allowed to travel to Scotland but will be required to quarantine. The University of Aberdeen will be covering the cost of quarantine for these students. The Scottish Government has also announced that the vaccination programme has been expanded to cover international students.

When asked about this new funding, international student Kateřina Vilèmová said:

‘I think being an international student in covid times was mostly frustrating. You were secluded, many of us lost jobs and couldn't get any benefits, and couldn't go back home to their parents. So, I was just stranded here, without financial income.' I did get some financial support from uni which saved me. I was doing extremely badly mental health wise because of the stress and insecurity.’

Teaching resumes for the University on the 27th September. This is expected to follow the further easing of restrictions by the Scottish Government, allowing all local authority areas to move to Level Zero, lifting all social distancing measures outside and reducing indoor social distancing lengths to one metre. These changes are expected to begin on the 19th July.

Currently, Aberdeen City is in Level One, allowing residents to meet in groups of up to six from three households at home, up to eight from three households in a public place, or up to 12 from 12 households outdoors. If the changes to restrictions take place as planned, universities in Scotland may be able to increase on-campus teaching.


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