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International Students Confused by Obsession with Weather

by anonymous

An alarming number of international students attending the University of Aberdeen have reported being approached by strangers overly fixated on the local climate.

A student, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Gaudie: “I can’t escape these mundane chats. In my country, it’s 30 degrees right now. Here, as soon as there is some sun, shirts come off and I’m seeing things that no one should be exposed to. The change in skin tone is so sharp it worries me.”

Another student, Lucy Santos, explained how she dealt with a potentially awkward situation. “This guy came up to me and said ‘Wow, this is wonderful weather.’ It was cold and foggy. I replied ‘Is this some kind of sick joke to you?’ He almost seemed offended.”

According to the BBC “More than 9 in 10 Brits have talked about the weather in the last six hours”. This is the most tragic statistic to date.

However, Social skills theorist, Thos Macher argues that “Weather is a safe topic for everyone to talk about. You can talk about the weather in any situation. It allows the important social utility of appearing to be a functioning member of society without running the risk of having to deal with, or unwittingly revealing any information of social consequence.”

That’s nine out of ten human beings afraid to make a connection and converse about real, deep topics like Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy or Katie Price’s flirty texts.

Controversially, some experts disagree.


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