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Icy pavements frustrate students as University and City Council refuse to clear them

Pavement on St Machar Drive outside McRobert Building is a sheet of ice.

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

Since the most recent cold snap brought wintery conditions back to the Granite City, students have expressed concern over the state of pavements surrounding the University campus.

Walking from the High Street to the St Machar roundabout on Friday afternoon was a tedious affair, as high walls on the University's side of St Machar Drive have prevented icy pavements from melting in the sun.

The Gaudie has received multiple reports of students slipping and nearly falling on the thick sheets of ice currently on the pavement in front of the University's McRobert Building.

Despite the concerns the ice raises for students walking towards King Street on the pavement, as well as for pupils from nearby St Machar Academy, a spokesperson told The Gaudie it was not the University's concern and to direct our questions to Aberdeen City Council.

A spokesperson for the Council told The Gaudie that they have been gritting priority pavements since Saturday.

He said: '... We have also gritted priority one pavements continuously in the same period. We have limited resources but have endeavoured to spread these as far as possible during the cold spell.'

However, St Machar Drive is not on the Council's list of 'priority one pavements,' which is mostly made up of streets in the city centre.

The Gaudie also reached out to UoA's Estates Department for comment, but has not yet received a response.

As such, it appears that for now, no gritting will take place-- unless students want to volunteer.


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