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Hungarian Political Class is Again Being Unfaithful with LGBTQ+ People and Reality

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Queer people of Budapest are on their way to talk to their exes in Parliament

By Jakub Ivanecky

A new piece of legislation, unveiled by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, has caused a stir in European politics and the global LGBTQ+ community, prompting an attempt to explain to him that screwing over every gay person in Hungary does not constitute a polyamorous relationship.

In December 2020, a Hungarian MP for European Parliament, József Szajer, was caught at a gay orgy in Brussels, defying Belgian COVID-19 protocols and exemplifying the Hungarian conception of a political suicide. Claiming his act as a “personal failure”, he quickly left the ruling Fidesz party, though this time he left a party without wearing a jockstrap. The Hungarian Parliament, decided to crack down on these “personal failures” in a new law, which they ratified so rapidly, they forgot to check for breaches of human rights and dignity.

The law, signed in the last days of June, a certainly jolly note to end Pride Month on, was originally designed to tackle sex-abuse of minors, but through additional amendments, it effectively become a restriction of sex education and a ban of general education regarding LGBTQ+ topics. These additions reflect the level of irony in the government, that members of parliament do not understand a difference between a paedophile, and a person who holds hands with a member of the same sex in the street. If only there was a legal way to educate them on these issues. Oh well.

After receiving a scolding from the EU, Orbán and his party decided to hold a referendum on this issue, but refused to repeal the law. This was done because in his mind, the European Union now sees the word “referendum” as some sort of “expelliarmus” of modern-day politics. Interestingly, whilst the exact date has not been yet announced, the day has been selected as Wednesday, as Hungarian MPs would need something to wake them up in between attending Sunday schools. Some outlets in Hungary, specifically those that are not yet owned or bullied by the Fidesz party, claim, that it is a way of activating Orbán´s base, who see him as a defender of Catholic values, protecting them from Muslims, Jews, heretics, witches and anything that looks like an outsider. When questioned what his future policies would entail, Orbán explained that his next legislation is intended to target the primary enemy of all Hungarians: people who dislike paprika.


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