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‘Hugely Overpriced’: University responds to complaints about Food Court

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Students express their discontent regarding the recent changes made in Union Building’s Food Court

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

Photo courtesy of Amy Smith

As students return to campus this autumn, many have ventured to The Union for a quick meal.

Open for lunch throughout the week, the Food Court features a wide variety of food options, including Asian, Mexican, and Italian cuisine; however, in the wake of their return to campus, not all students have enjoyed their dining experiences.

One student told the Gaudie that at Cocina Mexicana, prices had risen ‘by two pounds’ and were ‘hugely overpriced’ for the amount of food she received.

Additionally, the student expressed concerns regarding the new ordering system.

‘The system to order the food doesn't make any sense, covid wise,’ she said, ‘there are only 4 screens and… people [were] accumulated in the queue…’

In a lengthy response, the University’s Head of Commercial Services Calum MacLachlan addressed these specific concerns, telling the Gaudie, ‘[while] the cost of food has increased substantially over the past 18 months… there are now more items available at a lower price point than the menu offered last year.’

He added, ‘the commissioning of 6 self-ordering stations/screens took place just before the start of term. Their introduction, with a soon to be launched “Order Ahead & Collect” app, removes the bottleneck of a cashier processing orders and payment one at a time…’

MacLachlan concluded, saying, ‘Whilst I acknowledge it will be very difficult to “please all of the people all of the time” it does not stop the ambition of striving to do so. Where disappointment or complaint is recognised every effort is made to respond and deliver a positive outcome.’


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