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Has socialism been killed by wokeism?

A new Western morality opposed by the Red Wall

By Marcus Wadland

Image courtesy of Digital Cat via Flickr

As this seemingly omnipresent virus continues to ravage the globe, I suggest it has inadvertently ravaged our minds as well. How else would one explain the need to ‘decolonise’ some plants, persecute a student for pointing out the biological differences between men and women or as happened at our university, ban a student from the Union for saying ‘Rule Britannia’?

Or perhaps it is down to the arrival of what Douglas Murray refers to as a new ‘foundation of morality’ seen in much of Western culture. Murray comments that historically if one wanted to seem a good and ethical person there were certain things that were expected of you, often based on Judeo-Christian belief such as charity, forgiveness, and many others. He argues that within the last 10-15 years this has switched from tenets such as forgiveness or giving to the hounding of university lectures out of their jobs or cancelling people online simply for having an opposing view of this new so called woke culture. Whether it is an unknown symptom of long covid rotting societies brain or a new Western culture establishing itself, it appears to be replacing one of the longest liberal schools of thought, socialism. Instead, it seems to emulate Xi Jinping’s goal of complete control over our minds.

The Tories have now been in power for eleven years while the Labour Party continue to bleed staunch Labour heartlands like Hartlepool and Tees Valley as they did earlier this year. Why is this you may be asking yourself? Well, as the period that Labour remains ostracised from power increases so does the apparent need to take issue with almost anything including racist cooking. If you’re not Caribbean you shan’t make Caribbean chicken if you happen to be Scottish you can’t make a Biryani because that is cultural appropriation and, thus, you must be stealing another’s culture. So, all you students be aware, while you tuck into your discounted dominos during freshers, you’re stealing Napolitano culture.

Here I think is where part of Labour’s problems stem; they have lost their voter base. Traditional Labour supporters don’t want to be told they are racist if they have braided their hair, as happened with Adele. They want a party that will support them and their county. However, Jeremy Corbyn’s party only seemed set on ‘depicting Britain as irretrievably racist, patriarchal and uniquely flawed,’ so states The Telegraph. This belief still seems to be held by much of the Labour elite to this day and, thus, have entirely alienated its traditional voter base; now they seem to rely on the socially liberal urban vote. The issue has become so bad that former Labour leader Tony Blair comments that the ‘party is being defined by the ''woke'' Left’. Now you see lifelong labour supporters defecting to the Tories, a notion unthinkable to many, but this nonsensical interpretation of society is pushing people away. This isn’t surprising when society tries to change what is real and to what is fantastical. Soon enough 2+2 will indeed equal 5.


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