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Halloween Cocktails

A Collection of Drinks Inspired by Our Most Ancient Fesitval

by Kendra Clark

Image courtesy of Ralph 'Radi' Kayden of Unsplash

Like everything else that has happened this year, Halloween is going to be scarily different from our usual celebrations. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. To make up for not being able to go out to clubs or parties to celebrate, why not spend time with your flatmates and live it up in your own flat?

Recently, university students have been an easy target to pin on blame for the spread of the coronavirus. With the insanely strict rules that have been given to us, we really don’t have much choice on how we spend this Halloween. So, if you’ve not tried a Halloween cocktail party before, this is definitely the year to do it! I’ve put together a list of my favourites that I’ve made before.

A cocktail shaker is very much recommended and probably a good investment for the future, but you can get by with a blender bottle or just a regular bottle and a good old shake if you like. All of these recipes make two cocktail glasses full, so keep this in mind when making them as you may need to double up or half them for only making one.

The Haunting Halloween Cocktail

Starting off nice and easy, this cocktail is for the classic vodka lovers with the fruity flavour of pomegranate to spice things up. This dark cocktail is super easy and you pretty much just chuck everything into a shaker and shake, the only fiddley part of this is lining the glasses with the black sugar.


1tsp of honey or syrup (for garnishing)

Black sanding sugar (to garnishing)

Ice cubes

60ml of Black Vodka

50ml of Vodka

125ml of pomegranate juice

2 dashes of Orange Bitters

4 Blackberries (optional)

Cocktail sticks (optional)


The best glass to use for this is a martini glass, but any kind will do. To start, dip your finger into the honey or syrup and draw around the rim of the glass. Then pour the black sand sugar onto a plate and roll the rim of the glass on it gently to coat it. In a cocktail shaker, pour a handful of ice, the black vodka, vodka, pomegranate juice and bitters and shake thoroughly. Dividing amongst the glasses is pretty self-explanatory and to finish, stick the blackberries on a cocktail stick and and serve!

The Zombie Cocktail

This Zombie Cocktail is more for the rum lovers with a mixture of white and dark rum and a splash of pineapple juice. The only annoying step to making this drink is straining it, but that doesn’t take too long. You can also switch out the pineapple juice for half passion juice and half orange juice if you’re not so keen on pineapple. A tall glass is best for this.


50ml of Dark rum

50ml of White rum

100ml of Lime juice

300ml of pineapple juice

Ice cubes

2 tsp of Grenadine

2 Orange wedges (optional)

Cherries (optional)

Mint (optional)

Cocktail sticks (optional)


Fill your cocktail shakers with the rums, the fruit juices and ice and shake. Stop shaking when the outside of the shaker gets cold and strain the mixture into your tall glasses. To colour the drink, pour in the spoons of grenadine and push the orange wedges and cherries on a cocktail stick. To finish the drink, stick the cocktail stick and the mint sprigs in and viola, a delicious rum cocktail.

Jekyll & Gin

This delicious gin flavoured cocktail is something that will really impress with its glowing light. This cocktail glows a bright white in the dark and so is sure to spook your fellow housemates. It is also not only easy to make, but also only has 6 ingredients (some being used in the other recipes so you don’t have to buy as much!) which is a lot less than my previous cocktails. Any glass will do for this but I tend to use a regular drinking glass as the glowing steals the spotlight anyway.


200ml of Gin

30ml of Lemon juice

2 tsp of Grenadine

Ice cubes

Tonic Water

2 Glow-sticks (optional, but highly recommended)


In a cocktail shaker, shake the gin, lemon juice and grenadine until all mixed up. Fill your glasses up with ice and pour the mixture into it. The mixture shouldn’t completely fill the glasses and so the tonic water is used to fill the remainder of the glass and also to water the drink down as it is very strong. Finally, garnish with a glow stick to get the desirable glowing light which will get you loads of compliments, and get you drunk very quickly.

Colour-Changing Margaritas

This last cocktail is one for the people who are willing to put in a bit more time beforehand and really shock your guests. What makes the colour so bright is an ingredient you would never think to put in a cocktail… cabbage! Don’t fret, you really cannot taste it at all and it is purely just for colour- this margarita tastes like tequila and lemonade. A small short glass is best for this.


230ml of Sliced purple cabbage (to measure this, just throw the cabbage into a measuring jug and stop when you get to the 230ml mark)

470ml of Boiling water

1 Ice cube tray

115ml of Tequila

50ml of Triple Sec Liqueur

30ml of Lime Juice

120ml of Lemonade

2 Lime wedges (optional)

Sea salt (optional, for garnishing)


In a heatproof bowl, place the cabbage and pour boiling water over it until it turns a blue shade. This should take about 5 minutes, then strain out the cabbage and let the water cool. Once cooled, pour the water into an ice cube tray, this will take approximately 4 hours. In a mixing glass, pour the tequila, triple sec liquor, lime juice and lemonade together and mix through. Wet the rims of your glasses with tour lime wedge and dip in salt, then place the purple ice cubes into the glasses. Split the margarita between these glasses, garnish with a final lime wedge and serve!

I really hope these recipes help you have some fun during Halloween as I’m sure we’ll all be doing our best to stay safe and limit our social gatherings. Celebrations are hard because of this but it doesn’t mean they can’t be fun!


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