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Grampian Pride: in pictures

See how the Winter Pride event unfolded in Aberdeen

By Anttoni James Numminen

All photographs courtesy and copyrighted by Anttoni James Numminen/The Gaudie.

Following the cancellation of an in-person Pride event earlier this owning to Covid-19 restrictions, Grampian Pride organised a special Winter Pride for 24 October 2021.

Grampian Pride was organised by the Four Pillars LGBT+ Charity, in partnership with various organisations across Grampian and describes itself as aiming "to bring the local and wider community together, welcoming everyone from North East Scotland, the rest of the UK, and international communities."

Sunday's Pride event started at Holburn Junction at around 11am and finished around 35 minutes later at Marischal College.

At Holburn Place before the march started.

Moving down Union Street.

The attendance numbers are estimated to be in the thousands. According to Grampian Pride over 3,000 people took part in 2018 while double the number is believed to have attended in 2019.

Various demographics and age groups were present at the event.

Staff from many of the shops on Union Street stepped outside to observe the march. Here, staff from Lush watch as the crowds pass by.

Despite the lack of music, the attendees appeared to be in good spirits while walking to the sound of drums.

The event proceeds towards Marischal College.

There was a considerable presence of safety stewards and police officers present. However, the event proceeded without considerable disruptions.

After a 30 minute walk to Marischal Square, the event winded down. Some attendees were "disappointed" by the length of the event as well as the absence of speakers or a rally.

After the end of the march, there was an event at the Music Hall, with numerous local charities and organisations represented. However, the presence of a Police Scotland recruitment stand was not well received by all attendees, with one visitor commenting: "disgusting".

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All photographs courtesy and copyrighted by Anttoni James Numminen/The Gaudie.

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