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Grampian Pride holds first Winter Pride Parade

In its first in-person event for two years, Grampian Pride hosted a parade on the 24 of October.

By Olivia Mackenzie Smith

Picture courtesy of Anttoni James Numminen

On their event website, it reads: “After two years without live events, Grampian Pride® is back to bring the local LGBT+ community and its allies together.”

“Our Winter Parade will be slightly smaller than our usual events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, we’re committed to offering a space where you will be able to remember our history and make your voice heard for a brighter future.”

The announcement of the event sparked both anticipation and controversy, due to the government gatherings of over 500 people.

Other events such as the annual Aberdeen fireworks display have been cancelled.

However, in an interview Deejay Bullock, the chief executive of the event organiser Four Pillars, said they were implementing track and trace, asking everyone to wear a face-mask and to take a lateral flow test before coming.

“We’re doing everything we can, we have covid measures in place. It won’t be people huddled together, there will be separate groups, people coming as individuals – this is outdoors along union street.

“This is needed. Despite all the worries, this is needed for the community. We need to get back to the new normal.”

The Grampian Winter Pride Parade took place on the 24th of October from 11 am, starting at Albyn Place.

You can find The Gaudie's covering of the full Grampian Pride® here.


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