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Grampian Charity Four Pillars Faces "imminent threat of closure"

Lack of Funding Puts Essential Services For Aberdeen Queer Community at Risk

By Sara A.

Photo by Anttoni James Numminen

Four Pillars, a LGBTQ+ charity based in the Grampian Community, announced on 27th of July that they face imminent threat of closure due to loss of crucial funding amounting to £150,000.

The funding loss is putting the services that Four Pillars offers to the queer community in Aberdeen at risk. According to Four Pillars’ statement, ”We can’t ensure the continuity of our life-saving programs and sustain our efforts to promote mental health, education, sexual health, and advocacy for human rights within the queer community.”

Four Pillars provides wide ranging support, organises events such as the Grampian Pride and offers a safe space at their hub for the LGBTQ+ community.

As Four Pillars describes in their statement, ”We provide vital support and care to over 3,000 individuals annually who are seeking safe space and assistance in their journey toward self-acceptance and wellbeing. The services we provide have proven to be instrumental in minimising suicide attempts, addressing mental health challenges, and creating a safe haven for individuals in need.”

At the University of Aberdeen, Four Pillars has collaborated with the LGBTQ+ Forum and serves the University’s students as the primary LGBTQ+ hub in the city.

The charity released their ”SOS” for Save Our Services initiative with a crowd funding campaign. Four Pillars states that the demand for their services has surged and the charity is working to expand their offerings. ”[The] increased demand has strained our current facilities, necessitating the acquisition of additional space for offices and meeting rooms. Your support will enable us to keep and ensure the security of the additional space and required services to meet the rising demand and provide an even more inclusive, supportive, and life-saving environment for the LGBT+ community and their allies.”

The target for the fundraising campaign is £150,000 and it is open to contributions on their Just Giving site until 28/10/2023.


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