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Girlpool, What Chaos is Imaginary

Album Review

by Zelia Bukhari


Straight from Los Angeles, Girlpool is a force to be reckoned with as they bring a on a fresh take to the indie rock scene. What Chaos Is Imaginary, released on February 1st, brings the bands true 90’s alternative atmosphere to the forefront. This album is one that has given them the exposure to eventually establish their presence in the mainstream pop punk stream if they would like to, after many years of a dedicated and passionate underground fan base.

What this album truly portrays is the diversity in this Californian duo. From harmonies which are fragile and brittle to singing which is savage and brimming with passion, Girlpool still stays vulnerable which is very attractive quality in their music. Regardless, Girlpool is able to still create coherence and complement each other throughout.

As Girpool themselves grow up, they create a sense of nostalgia for the adolescent years many young adults feel, but they also tackle the feeling of limbo many are in as they take on these in-between years. A song to surely check out is Hire, it is soft and harsh all at the same time, and it encompasses everything What Chaos Is Imaginary, has done right.

Their strong fan base and critical acclaim will continue to ensure their intensity and vibe plays on for years to come. Personally, while everything the album is trying to do, genre, sound and writing wise, does collide at points, it did make for a fairly enjoyable listen. It isn’t the type of listen where you are completely aware and in tune during the whole of it though, much better as a background music as it can get slow at some points. If you’re look for some bedroom pop with a touch of rock, this album is for you.


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