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Gift giveaway for those staying in Aberdeen during winter break

The Student’s Association is organising a limited gift giveaway as well as other events for those staying in Aberdeen over the holidays

By: Logan Machell

"Aberdeen snow" by Isaxen is licensed under CC BY 2.0

As the winter holidays get closer, more students than before are planning on staying in Aberdeen over the winter break.

Aberdeen University Student’s Association (AUSA), Student President Cecilia Wallbäck has stated that it is vital that AUSA remains open.

In that spirit, AUSA will be giving out a limited number of gifts to those Aberdeen University students staying in their student accommodation over the winter break. In addition to the gifts, AUSA will be organising events from watch parties to games nights.

Cecilia Wallbäck, AUSA Student President said: “AUSA normally shuts down over the winter break, but this year things will be different. With more students than ever before staying in Aberdeen, it is vital that we remain open. Working with our clubs, societies and the University we will be putting on a number of events. These include a Murder Mystery night, Netflix parties, gaming nights and more.

“Working with the Development Trust we have also been able to secure funding for a small gift to be sent to over 800 students who are staying in the city over the winter break. There will also be a dedicated Facebook group and students can get in touch with us via e-mail in emergencies. Full details will be available on our website soon.”

Image: AUSA

The dedicated Facebook group where students can get in touch with AUSA and fellow students has already been created and further details on this will soon be on their website.

We were able to ask Dakota Hughes, who is staying in Aberdeen over the holidays, a couple of questions about the services AUSA is offering.

When asked about the AUSA events, Hughes said: “if I’m free and feel up for it I will [take part]. But that all depends on my winter depression.”

When asked about whether the Christmas gift from AUSA will help him during the holidays he said: “If it’s of monetary value, then yeah. But if it is just like some decorative ornamentation, then no.”

Also speaking to the Gaudie, student Sofia Puentes said, “I don’t think I’ll attend the events because I already have a set group of friends to spend the holidays with, but if I was staying here on my own or I was a first-year I probably would.” When asked about the Christmas gift from AUSA, she said she thought it would be nice to get a present from them.

To get a limited gift, sign up on the AUSA website before midnight on Tuesday 8 December.


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