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General Election 2024: Live Coverage

Updated: Jul 5

Follow along for live updates from the count here in Aberdeen

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

11:30 PM-

We are awaiting the first declaration of results here at the P & J Live arena, where the Aberdeen South and North results are expected around 3 AM. 

A potentially seismic exit poll sent tremors through the counting hall at 10 PM, when it was revealed that Labour was expected to win a landslide victory, gaining 410 seats to 131 for the Conservatives. 

However, the biggest revelation here in Aberdeen was the prediction that the SNP would lose 38 seats, plunging to 10 overall, their lowest number since 2010.

12:30 PM-

The Gaudie have just spoken to SNP hopeful Glen Reynolds, the Aberdeenshire councillor who is looking to unseat Andrew Bowie in West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine.

Mr Reynolds told The Gaudie: “I think it's clear that it’s pretty close. I think it's very different from down South in England.”

"[We’re feeling] positive at the moment, but obviously it's early hours in the night.” 

“The exit poll was a bit of a shock.”

Harriet Cross, the Conservative candidate for Gordon and Buchan likewise told The Gaudie that it was “too early to tell” in her constituency, adding: “It’s been close all the way.”

4:00 AM-

Despite a disastrous night for the SNP across Scotland, the party has held both seats here in Aberdeen.

Stephen Flynn won 15,213 votes in Aberdeen South, compared to Labour's M. Tauqeer Malik

with 11,455 and John Wheeler of the Conservatives with 11,300.

In Aberdeen North, Kirsty Blackman narrowly won reelection, gaining 14,533 votes, less than 2000 in front of Labour's Lynn Thomson, who received 12,773 and the Conservative's Gillian Tebberen with 5,881.

6:15 AM-

The Conservatives have won two of the three seats across Aberdeenshire.

In Aberdeenshire North and Moray Easy, Douglas Ross was rousted from power by less than a thousand votes. Seamus Logan won the constituency with 13,455 votes, compared to 12,513 for the Scottish Tory leader.

Better news for the Tories in West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, where Andrew Bowie bested SNP councillor Glen Reynolds. Mr Bowie increased his majority from 2019, winning 17,428 votes. Mr Reynolds gained 13,987 votes, while Labour's Kate Blake took third place with 6,397 votes.

The Tories also won Gordon and Buchan, as Harriet Cross took the seat off the SNP's Richard Thomson, winning 32.9% of the vote. Mr Thomson was followed by Lib Dem Conrad Wood in third place.

Full analysis on our website tomorrow.


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