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Gaudie Gossip: Local Hauntings

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Some Ghoulish Gaudie Gossip for a Spooky Halloween

By Anonymous

Photo Courtesy of Mokup from Pixabay

“It was around 5 in the morning and I thought I heard someone sobbing and running down the hall,” said a resident of Wavell House...

Haunting of Hillhead

In the past week, there have been rumours of a Specter ghost haunting the Hillhead halls of Wavell House. Loud sobbing has been heard down the halls with kitchen doors slamming but nobody is in the room, spooky...

“It was around 5 in the morning and I thought I heard someone sobbing and running down the hall,” said a resident of Wavell House, “I was really concerned because I thought it might have been one of the people living in my hall, but then I heard the kitchen door slam so I got out of bed to make sure everything was okay, when I went inside the kitchen was completely empty. Nobody was in there. I went back to my room completely spooked.”

For those unfamiliar with the Wavell House setup, only the people assigned to a kitchen know the code to get in, otherwise, it is always locked. So, the resident asked around their hall the next day to see if anyone heard the same thing or even to see if it was one of them sobbing in the kitchen but to no avail. With that they were sure something not quite sinister occurred.

If you’re living in Wavell House and are up and around, maybe for a midnight snack, you might want to be on the lookout for a ghost with the same idea. Maybe it’s just hungry too.

Happy Haunting!

Here lies a Scary Cemetery

In honour of October here is the tale of a cemetery that gave me a chill up the spine.

I kept walking past the gates of a graveyard farther up Kings Street, past the University, and became curious about what was going on inside. I never felt like it was too much of a spooky cemetery so me and a friend decided to go in and check it out. They were very curious about who was buried there, were they war graves? Victims of sickness? Or just normal people who lived normal lives... We didn’t find too many answers in that regard, but we saw a few old and a few new graves. But there was one in particular I wouldn't consider going back to visit.

As soon as my friend started to explore, a crow started to follow her. Branch to branch it followed until she walked up to a grave that had a photo, likely of the people buried

there, with the faces scratched out. I wanted to leave as soon as I saw it. The crow started squawking and that’s when we knew it had to be a bad omen. On top of all that, we were the only ones there, and I am sure of it. We are sure though, we heard someone walking around, maybe whoever was buried at that site didn’t appreciate us being there.

Either way, whether we were welcome there or not, St. Peter’s Cemetery is the place to go if you want a scare, or if you want to avoid the spooky place completely. That's fine too. Good luck.


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