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Free food available at the student union

Students and local supermarkets are partnering up against food waste

By Louise Antoinette Henrard

Surplus food at the Foodsharing Hub, Ground Floor of the Student Union Building. Courtesy of Shared Planet Society.

The Food sharing Hub is an initiative run by Shared Planet Society. Members and volunteers from the society collect surplus food that would otherwise go to waste from local supermarkets around Aberdeen and then distribute it on campus.

The content of donations varies each day, but bread, ready meals and fruit and vegetables are regular items included in the donations.

The food is available for any students to collect free of charge.

All food collected is available at the Food sharing Hub, Unit 5 on the ground floor of the Student Hub Building (SUB). It contains shelves for perishable items and fridges for refrigerated items.

Hours of distribution vary everyday but the Food sharing Hub is accessible to all in accordance with the SUB reduced opening hours from 9AM to 3PM.


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