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Free bus scheme to begin in January 2022

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

All residents under 22 in Scotland to become eligible.

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

The Scottish government has committed to providing free bus travel for every resident under the age of 22 in Scotland. Originally, the cut-off for such services was set at 18 but after further revision, the scheme was approved in August 2021 with the inclusion of everyone under 22.

About 930,000 people will be eligible for free travel, including nearly all undergraduate students. The Scottish government tied the scheme to climate action, stating, ‘[the scheme] will embed more sustainable travel behaviours from a young age and help to meet our target of net zero emissions by 2045.’

The scheme can be accessed through the NEC (National Entitlement Card) and Young Scots programmes, and is available for both new applicants and existing cardholders. The service will allow students who commute to campus to save money on bus fares.

When asked for comment, Camilo Torres Barragán, AUSA VP for Communities said:

‘We are always happy to hear about public transport being more accessible. We welcome this plan, as it will benefit a significant proportion of our student population.

However, we would like to see this, or at least a discount scheme, being extended to apply to students of all ages. This way, we can take one step forward towards accessible education for all.’


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