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Foals, 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1' – Review

by William Jones


Sometimes, an album is released that perfectly encapsulates the mood of a generation. Foals have done this, with an LP that perfectly sums up the mood of 2019. Tales of climate change, political turmoil and mental health problems are all captured by the eerie vocals of frontman Yannis Philippakis in the first part of this double album.

There was some concern when Walter Gervers, a founding member and bassist of the band, decided to leave last year. After four albums, he was an intrinsic part of their sound. However, rather than replace him, Foals have opted for a more synth heavy album. While Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 is still unmistakably Foals, it takes their sound to a completely new level.

Every track on this album is a carefully constructed production, with each song’s texture drawing you into a new adventure in which you can be sure you will hear something you wouldn’t expect. Highlights include ‘White Onions’, ‘Syrups’ and the magnificent ‘Sunday’, in which they imagine future generations living in the ashes of burnt cities (with lyrics including “Our fathers run and leave all the damage they’ve done behind”).

Without a doubt, this is their finest work yet. The timing of it could not be more perfect either, having been released a matter of weeks after we experienced a February heatwave. It also has that incredible thing that few can manage in an album where every time you listen something new pops out at you, whether that be the exceptional production on every single track or the incredibly poignant and relevant lyrics. Of course, there’s also more to come with Part 2 due for release in the Autumn.


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