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Film Production to Shoot in Aberdeen

Director Jon S. Baird comes back home to shoot his upcoming film ‘Tetris’ in the city

By Emily Reyes

Courtesy: Taron Egerton via Instagram

Parts of Aberdeen are to be closed off for up to two weeks as film production takes place in the city. Peterhead-born Jon S. Baird, best known for directing films such as Filth (2013) and Stan & Ollie (2018), are taking production of his latest film from Glasgow up to Aberdeen from the middle of February.

Produced by MARV Films and starring Taron Egerton, Tetris will reportedly delve into the legal battles which took place during the Cold War over ownership of the game. Egerton will be playing the Dutch video game designer and entrepreneur, Hank Rodgers. The film is already backed financially by Apple, with Screen Scotland supporting the productions in the north-east.

Speaking to the Evening Express back in November when arranging production of the film, Jon S. Baird said he hopes the film will showcase Aberdeen and the north-east as a desirable location for other film productions: “It’s really exciting for the profile of the area and the economy. In the long run, it may pave the way for a lot more things coming up here.”

Film productions are only part of the Aberdeen City Council’s plans to boost the Creative Arts in the city. Over the past few years, the council has spent millions on investing in the city, from building the TECA to revamping the Aberdeen Art Gallery. Whilst film productions have made their way to Scotland, particularly in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Jon S. Baird has made sure to put Aberdeen on the map for the film industry.

Filming is to take place throughout the city, including George Street, Tillydrone, and King Street. Extensive road closures will be rolled out within the city for the two weeks that production takes place.


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