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Estrons, 'You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough' – Review

by William Jones


From the moment they released the title of the album, we knew that this could be one of the most exciting records of the year. Not only does it have one of the best names of the year (something which is important), but from the opening chords we know that this is a band not afraid to do their own thing. The word ‘Estrons’ means misfit in Welsh, and this album is certainly in keeping with that. Many bands have tried to do punk well over the last few year, but this seems to do everything a punk album should. It’s punchy, agitated and doesn’t go too far in the direction of pop and if you’ve been following them since they first released Make A Man in 2015 you will not be disappointed

The problem with albums like this is that they often lose momentum. Estrons however have managed to make 10 tracks which fit perfectly together and keep you captivated throughout the whole thing. Highlights include Strangers, Aliens and their latest single Body. The album does also almost beg you to see them live, with their strong guitars and the forceful vocals of Tali Källström.

Whilst the album isn’t revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, as a punk album in 2018 it does wonders. Too many people think their pop-punk is a game changer and they have almost devalued the genre. This though is what you want and expect from a punk album, with meaningful lyrics and punchy guitars. This isn’t a band which is going anywhere in a hurry.


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