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Crisis in Satire

Jacob Rees-Mogg continues to exist.

by Mindless Pion #4

The British Satire Confederation today released a statement regarding their concerns over the future of the writing style in the UK and abroad.

This concern comes in the wake of major global events occurring in the last few years, such as the election of President Trump, the emergence of the political powerhouse that was Lord Buckethead and French police seemingly fining a woman for not dressing provocatively enough on the beach, a situation that would be more at home in a slightly off-colour joke about French sexual appetites, rather than a much more worrying indication of populism and slide towards a strange, scantily clad, authoritarian future.

In wake of these events several outlets, namly, have taken to reporting actual news with a slightly humorous angle after they found it a challenge to produce headlines that would be easily recognised as ridiculous, or fictional.

In a similar vein, the informative website “Real Or Satire”, a web based service that helps determine whether or not websites are fictional or not, has gained popularity in the current climate of “People not being able to figure out what’s real”.

The prompt for the statement to be released now appear to be based around the series of long running jokes about Jacob Rees Mogg, Member of Parliament for 1825, and his apparent plans to challenge Theresa May for leadership of the Conservative Party. This has brought concern to comedians, particularly satirists, due to his theatrical public image of the Eton and Oxbridge Tory Toff, and as a result their inability to inflate and exaggerate him as been cleverly or coincidentally stripped.

His recent remarks on abortion, same-sex marriage, and his 2013 quote regarding his party whips ”from the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church rather than the [Conservative] Whip’s Office.” has pushed previous jibes about him into an uncomfortable level of reality akin to sobering up inside a nightclub, or looking a sex worker in the eye.

A spokesperson for the Gaudie told us that they have considered the worries of the BSC but will be continuing to push forward with satirical and comedic content in an attempt to hold off the growing sense of dread, meaninglessness, and confusion brought on by recent events for no other reason than preserving the sanity of the editorial staff and compliment their already chemically induced escapism.

Due to the shifting world around us the Gaudie also stated that they are considering far clearer signage for their satire disclaimer incase it confuses some readers. Various strategies are being considered, such as: colour changes, arrows, or placing eye catching images near the disclaimer, such as baby goats, or George Clooney's face. 


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