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Crime Always Plays

Podcast Recommendations

by Dillan-James Carter

Our fascination with true crime has never been higher. With dramas like Mindhunter and True Detective to documentaries like Making a Murderer and Abducted in Plain Sight we have entered an overwhelming TV golden age of murder, deceit and kidnapping. However, our morbid fascination doesn’t just stop at the small screen, as the podcasters are at the forefront of this crime wave and have cases upon cases for our inner detective to work through.

“Serial- Season one”

Serial- Season one is the epitome of the true crime podcast. We follow the former producer of This American Life Sarah Koenig as she investigates the murder of a high-school senior. Hae Min Lee disappeared from school one day and a month later was found strangled in the city park. Her boyfriend, Adnan Syed was arrested for this crime and given life in prison – a crime which he adamantly believes he did not do. Through interview, interrogation and in-depth research, Koenig discovers this case is far more complex than a sweetheart murder, but one of prejudice, changing statements, little evidence and sketchy alibis. Serial is the podcast that shaped all others after it and was this inspiration for Netflix’s Making a Murderer.

“Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo”

A tale of a broken family, ethnic discrimination and a missing girl all make Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo a unique listen in which the centre of attention is not on upper class, white victims. The podcast follows the story of Cleopatra Semaganis Nicotine, separated from her family and community after a program called “Adopt Indian and Metis” that sees white families adopt native children, who goes missing. Her siblings were also split which adds to the sorrowful tale as they reconnect once again to find out what happened to their eldest sibling with journalist Connie Walker framing the investigation. Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo is a harrowing story, but one that is important for understanding the power of institutional racism, and a fascinating listen.

“The Dream”

The ideology of the American Dream is one synonymous with hard work equating to success and life worth, however The Dream aims to explore one of the capitalist ventures built on this fundamental premise: ‘Pyramid schemes’. If you have ever found yourself in a group chat with random people, with an obscure person from school selling body care products, then you know the sting of the multi-level marketing scheme (MLM). Jane Marie investigates the history of MLM which saw schemes like “The Airplane Game” boom in the 1970s to the giant companies of Thirty-One Gifts and Amway. Marie also interviews those who have been affected by MLM’s, along with co-presenter Mackenzie Kassab becoming a rep for LimeLight, and talks to the lawyer that tried to take them down. This focus on white collar crime is a brilliant paradigm shift on an over saturated genre and keeps each episode diverse enough to always keep coming back. This podcast shall change your life! *

*No money back guarantees.


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