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Covid-19 asymptomatic testing begins on University campus

The University has said they ‘would strongly encourage’ students to visit the centre for two free asymptomatic lateral flow tests before travelling home for Christmas

By: Jeevan Bains

Lateral testing centre - Photograph: University of Aberdeen

A new drive for mass testing around the UK has led to the opening of an asymptomatic testing site on the campus of the University, which has ‘the capacity to deliver 16,000 tests’ over the space of approximately ten days.

The tests include a swab taken from the mouth and nose before receiving results by NHS Test and Protect ‘within 24 hours, and possibly much faster’

This comes at a time where many students are beginning to travel back home for the Christmas holidays.

Principal Geroge Boyne said that he hopes ''our Centre provides our students and their loved ones with some reassurance so that they can have the winter break they need and deserve"

More than 550 students and staff have volunteered to take part in the operation currently taking place at the University’s Butchart Centre.

However, this comes as University correspondence to students highlighted that ‘Lateral flow testing is not suitable for students wishing to travel overseas as some countries require confirmation of a negative PCR test’ with the University suggesting that students get a PCR test from private providers – with one suggested service, offered by Boots, costing £120.

Some students who have already taken the opportunity to get tested at the centre praised the efficiency of doing their test and receiving their results. However, some concerns were brought to light about the lack of personnel at the exit of the facility where an incident of a student ‘spitting on the car park floor’ was witnessed.

According to one of the stewards at the testing centre on Tuesday, the number of students getting tested had not been high.

It is understood that the hundreds of students and staff who volunteered their services following a University request for staff to run the centre are provided with free food during breaks.

For any students wishing to book their test please visit


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