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COP26 venue in Glasgow attracts a great amount of protesters

A photoreport on many of the protests inside the climate conference

by: Isti Miskolczy

The Climate Change Conference of the United Nations has drew protesters with numerous backgrounds and causes. Below is a comprehensive photoreport on many of the demonstrations inside or in the close proximity of the venue of COP26. This is the extended version of the photoreport published in the printed edition of The Gaudie on the 10th of November.

At the main entrance of the conference, a small crowd of Ugandan people protesting against their president Yoweri Museveni, accusing him of selling the country's rivers and lands to China. Mr Museveni has been in office since 1986 and assumed it once again after a disputed presidential election earlier this year.


"Show us the money" protest near the registration area of COP26 during the 'finance day' of the conference. "The UK Chancellor is famous for holding back finances from climate change both domestically and internationally" a participant named their utmost reason for the demonstration to The Gaudie.


The representatives of the "Sudanese Communities Scotland" are holding up signs against the military regime of their country. They demand stopping the violence and the targeting of human rights activists.


An individual besides the main entrance demands immediate action. One might also notice the portraits of French president Emmanuel Macron displayed upside down.


A protest organised by an indigenous community. "The companies financing the COP are the same companies paying for compensation" told a participant, whose speech was translated to English by another activist.


"Love and grief for the Earth" signs held up by participants of a silent protest.


A loud Bangladeshi protest near the first security checkpoint of the conference. "Save democracy, rescue Bangladesh" they said.


The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition's protest in one of the central hallways of the conference venue to demand more action on climate loss and damage. They "graded" the efforts of the UN and its member states with marks D and F, which they are displaying. "(The member states) failed to (...) address loss and damage especially with the least developed countries" said J. Estela (in the first picture), a member of the demonstration.


One of the biggest demonstrations inside in the Action Zone. "We are here to demand climate justice. We are here to demand action." "People and animals are dying. We have no time." activists told The Gaudie. A participant from Poland also highlighted their "additional responsibility" to protest against the Polish Government's investments in fossil fuels.


Activists asking which future the participating countries will fund (inside the conference venue). Their two potential very distinct answers are highlighted on their illustration.


Photos courtesy of Isti Miskolczy and Anttoni James Numminen.


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