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COP26 in Glasgow - live updates

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Keep up to date with the most recent developments at the COP26 conference in Glasgow. Bringing the news from Glasgow are Editor-in-Chief Anttoni James Numminen (AJN) and International Editor Isti Miskolczy (IM).

Live coverage has now ended on this page.


22:20 (Anttoni JN): And with that, we end our live coverage from COP26. Thanks so much to everyone for sticking with us - we hoped you found it informative!

Though we're headed back to Aberdeen, my media pass is valid until the end of the conference so I might utilise that and the free travel pass before the conference ends.

Importantly, there will be a lot more COP26 related reporting, exclusive pictures, analysis, and more in the next edition of the Gaudie which comes out on 10.11.21 and will be available on campus, in town and online.

Thanks again and goodnight from Isti and me!

Photo courtesy of AJN.

17:00 (AJN): Another youth protest takes place, the focus of which is the impact of climate change on the global South in particular.

15:10 (AJN): Demonstration over lack of action on climate loss and damage

The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition staged a demonstration over lack of action on climate loss and damage.

The group gave school grades such as "F", and "D" to the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage associated with Climate Change Impacts. The demonstration took place in a busy, central hallway in the COP26 SECC venue and attracted the attention of a large number of passers-by and reporters.

"Overall we failed them because we believe that they failed to give overall progress and effort to address loss and damage, especially with the least developed countries and to vulnerable countries already affected by climate change" said a member of the protest, Jefferson Estela.

Pictured: Jefferson Estela of The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition. Photo courtesy of AJN.

Photo courtesy of AJN.

14:00 (IM): The press conference of California State Senator Josh Becker has just finished

"California has long been a leader in climate change" emphasized the State Senator. "Today we get more than 50% of our electricity from zero-carbon sources" - he added. Mr Becker has also expressed his state's aims of achieving carbon neutrality by 2045 and "getting to zero as soon as possible".

"Lets build the new together and faster"

- he also emphasized.

13:40PM (AJN): Sharma says Covid figures at COP "significantly lower than the numbers with the general public in Scotland"

Alok Sharma says: "there is a rigorous daily testing system in place" as well as "the constant cleaning of rooms." Says he has "made clear that this must be safe for people attending and people of Glasgow." Adds: "We're comfortable where we are."

13:36PM (AJN): Politico asks why case numbers are not being shared so people can make their own safety choice

UNFCC says it has been made aware of "a few cases" but "not substantial numbers".

13:34PM (AJN): BBC asks whether numbers on Covid cases at COP are being kept track of

UNFCC says it is keeping a tally on the number of Covid infections at the conference but is "not sharing those figures". Journalists murmur in response.

13:32PM (AJN): Asked about discrepancies in the list of 190 countries committed to phasing out coal, some of which are four years old

Sharma says that "this is a joint endeavour, it's not about taking someone else's credit"

13:28PM (AJN): COP 26 High Level Champion Nigel Topping, says the message from NGOs is "system change not climate change"

13:22PM (AJN): A green energy transition will be prioritised, says Sharma

"Together with cash, trees and methane, today's commitments are helping to keep climate change at 1.5 degrees."

13:20PM (AJN): COP president Sharma says "coal is no longer king" and its "financing has been choked off

13:16PM (AJN): UK COP26 Presidency press conference with Alok Sharma is starting

The briefing will focus on the issue of the transition to clean energy

11:30AM (AJN): Energy Day at COP26

The Brazilian conference was cancelled, but instead I stepped into a meeting between the UK's Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Kwasi Kwarteng and José Ignacio Sánchez Galán, the CEO of multibillion-dollar energy company Iberdrola (pictured below).

Meanwhile, though more than 40 countries have now committed to phasing out coal-fired power, at the same time, it's been revealed that Global CO2 emissions are shooting right back to record levels.

Galán and Kwarteng. Photo courtesy of AJN.

10:33AM (AJN): About to head off to Brazil's press conference, but before then, I think it's worth highlighting how much our International editor Isti has enjoyed using the Clockwork Orange.

10:25AM (AJN): Small demonstration inside the venue again today: "Which future will you fund?", they ask.

10:22AM (AJN): Hello and good morning! We're back for another day of coverage from the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

We'll be bringing you coverage and content from conferences and demonstrations, so stay tuned until the evening!


19:20PM (IM) Following a few other interviews today we are ending our live coverage now.

We hope you have enjoyed the last three days with us and make sure you check out our other COP26 related articles. Goodbye!

19:17PM (AJN): We bumped into US Climate Envoy John Kerry and exchanged a few words.

Photo: all rights reserved by Anttoni James Numminen

Photo: all rights reserved by Anttoni James Numminen

19:14PM (IM): Our International Editor Isti was interviewed yesterday live on Argentinian TV Todo Noticias: the coverage has just been uploaded to YouTube

You can check out the interview on COP26, student journalism and Lionel Messi at 18:45 here.

Screengrab of the coverage of Todo Noticias with Isti. Image courtesy of Todo Noticias.

16:21PM (IM) (HLMDLTCF): "In order to make progress and to move from pledges to concrete actions it is very important to align the different incentives we all have" - says Azucena Arbeleche, Minister of Economy and Finance of Uruguay

"What will dictate our speed (in going for a net-zero world) is finance" - follows up Alison Rose, Chief Executive of the NatWest Group.

16:11PM (IM) (HLMDLTCF): UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is moderating the next panel discussion and expresses the importance of mobilising private funds to tackle the world's environmental issues

"The UK is doing its bit" with net-zero. "Investors now can easily identify and invest in green projects" - the Chancellor added.

15:57PM (IM) (HLMDLTCF): Finland will support tackling climate change with 900 million euros by 2025 - announces Finance Minister Annika Saarikko

Ms. Saarikko also speaks about mainstreaming climate into economic policies.

15:55PM (IM) (HLMDLTCF): Yannick Glemarec from the Green Climate Fund expresses the need to support integration planning and accelerating innovation

15:45PM (IM) (HLMDLTCF): "Let's just make sure we keep the promises we made" - says Dr Adesina, President of the African Development Bank

He also highlighted the importance of African countries' adaptation to climate change as well as programmes on developing electricity in Africa.

15:40PM (IM): Now we are bringing the news from the High Level Ministerial Dialogue on Long-Term Climate Finance (HLMDLTCF)

13:05PM (IM) (PLENARY CAIRN GORMS): Also at the discussions, Alyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Minister of Economy, Civil Service, Communication and Climate emphasizes the importance of the 50%-50% division of funds between adaptation and mitigation

"To finance a more resilient world we must deploy innovative financial tools" - closes the discussion Dr Adesina, President of the African Development Bank.

12:55PM (IM) (PLENARY CAIRN GORMS): Rachel Turner, Director for International Finance of FCDO highlights the growing importance of financing risk management

"There were huge opportunities to work together and to mobilize private finances behind countries' adaptation plans"

"Developing countries will and must do more."

12:50PM (IM) (PLENARY CAIRN GORMS): "The African Development Bank will increase its climate change budget to 25 billion dollars by 2025" - opens the next panel discussion on supporting adaptation plans Dr Akinwumi A. Adesina, President of the African Development Bank

Uktur Yatani, Cabinet Secretary of National Treasury and Planning of Kenya highlights that adaptation remains the country's key priority when it comes to climate change. "We are committed to enhancing adaptation" - he says.

12:35PM (IM) (PLENARY CAIRN GORMS): John Haley, CEO of Willis Towers Watson joins the panel on behalf of the private sector

Mr Haley thanks Ms Flachsbarth for Germany's support. However, he also emphasizes that we do not have the data just yet to fully understand the drivers of climate change.

Plenary Cairn Gorms. Photo by IM.

12:25PM (IM): The Gaudie has got access to Plenaries Cairn Gorms and Pen y Fan

In the former venue as a part of a panel discussion on managing climate risk, State Secretary for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany, Maria Flachsbarth speaks about the need for a proactive approach to disaster management and the necessity of adaptation measures.

Ms. Flachsbarth also pledges an additional two-times 10 million euros support of Germany towards this cause.

12:20PM (IM): Host Boris Johnson sums up the World Leaders Summit of the first two days of COP26 in a Twitter video

"The work to protect our planet is just beginning. In the last two days, we have made huge strides towards our goal of keeping 1.5 degrees in reach. Leaders are taking action on coal, cars, cash, and trees to accelerate action this decade and following the UK's example, to reach net-zero emissions by the middle of the century."

12:01PM (AJN): The Gaudie asks Wangdi if he is concerned that large emitters such as China are not taking part in the conference in person

The Chair of the Least Developed Countries Group says that in though pressure should be on the large emitters, "we should not single out any country in what is a multilateral process."

Anttoni asks a question at the press conference.

11:45AM (AJN): Gebru J Endalew says there is "a clear ambition gap"

Wangdi says the "countries that are big emitters should stop skirting from responsibility."

11:40AM (AJN): Least developed Countries Group Press Conference takes place

Sonam P. Wangdi, Chair of the Least Developed Countries Group under the UNFCCC, says he is "disappointed and frightened by the lack of progress" at COP26 so far.

Photo by AJN.

11:02AM (AJN): World Food Programme's Gernot Laganda says the climate crisis is "a humanitarian crisis that plays out in the present tense."

Says "many people are just one little shock away from famine. You need to respond with humanitarian aid and makes sure that their nutritional and food supplies are met.

"If wood waste were an emitter, it would be the third-largest country."

10:43AM (IM&AJN): "Show us the money" demonstration inside the COP26 venue

Photo by AJN.

“Today is the climate finance day at the COP and we are doing an action which is targeting the UK chancellor who has just addressed the conference” - a representative of the protesters told The Gaudie.

“What we are saying is ‘show us the money'. The UK Chancellor is famous for holding back finance from climate change both domestically and internationally." - they added.

“Why should fossil fuel companies and cooperations (…) be a part of and distract away from the talks and actually destroy some of the integrity of the talks?”

09:45PM (IM): Small protests just outside of the first security check

The representatives of the ‘Sudanese Communities Scotland’ are holding up signs against the military regime.

Photo by IM.

Just a few yards away at a protest organised by an indigenous community, a participant is speaking about “the companies financing the COP are the same companies paying for compensation”.

Photo by IM.

08:10AM (IM): COP26 TV starts today

They will be streaming live interviews with climate leaders on the official social media accounts of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

8:05AM (IM): Welcome back to the third day of COP26 On 'finance day' we are expecting negotiations on the financial background of achieving the aims of COP26 and the Paris Climate Agreement as well as numerous press conferences held by NGOs. So make sure you follow us today as well.


19:45PM (IM): That is the end of Biden's press conference and so is the end of our live coverage for today. Thank you very much for staying with us and we'll be back with you tomorrow!

The conference is now over.

19:37PM (AJN): Biden is asked what he would say to people outside the conference who are worried and angry about climate change.

Biden: “They Should be worried, I am. I’m worried that if we don’t move forward fast enough, we won’t be able to stop at 1.5C warming. But I’m also optimistic because I feel that populations have a different perspective than they did at COP25.

“I don’t think that’s necessarily because of what world leaders have done, certainly not my country’s past leader.

“But people are seeing the impact of climate change and their attitude has changed. And the change is being led by the generation of my granddaughter and her friends. People are paying attention like never before.”

Biden adds that though some countries may not be contributing the money that is needed, he says the private sector is doing what those countries are not. This is very similar to the remarks by US Climate Envoy John Kerry yesterday, when he held a press conference with shipping company Maersk and heralded their action in reducing the global climate footprint of the shipping industry.

19:33PM (AJN): "Who's economy is growing? America's."

"The vast majority of leaders think that this is an opportunity and growth rests in the economy and the whole notion of what we're going to do as regards climate change. Not everyone knows what to do, I certainly don't have all the answers, but this is an opportunity."

19:31PM (AJN): Biden calls out China and Russia for not attending the COP26 conference

Says that Putin has kept "mum" (quiet) over the climate. Also asks how China can be taken seriously if it does not turn up. This is quite a change from Boris Johnson who says that China and Russia did not attend the conference "because of Covid" as reported below.

19:29PM (AJN): Biden is asked who he'll nominate as Chair of the Federal Reserve

The President says he will make a nomination soon and "in time before terms expire" but declined to speculate on specific nominations.

19:26PM (AJN): "Not only do we have a moral imperative to stop climate change we also have a strong economic imperative to do so."

19:25PM (AJN): Biden when asked why gas prices are up and when they can be expected to go down cited supply chain issues and the refusal of Russia and the OPEC to pump more oil.

19:23PM (IM): POTUS is answering questions on Russia and China missing from COP26

"The important thing is that we showed up" - he emphasized. "I have had hours of conversations with Xi Jinping (…) and I have made it clear that this competition does not need to be a conflict. But I have also told him that we expect him to play by the rules" - told the president.

19:21PM (AJN): Biden says he doesn't know when more progress has been made on the climate than over the past few days.

He thanks contributors from all sections of society. He adds: "I'd also like to recognise the role of young people and their power to hold us to account"

President Biden speaks at the conference.

19:15PM (IM): US President Joe Biden's press conference begins

18:50PM (IM): UK and India establish a new grids initiative "to deliver clean power to the world"

This "Green Grids Initiative - One Sun One World One Grid" launched by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi aims to enhance the development and deployment of electricity grids worldwide. This is to help limit global warming to 1.5C as set out in the Paris Climate Agreement and what is also a significant topic in the COP26.

18:32PM (AJN): The Gaudie also spoke to the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham

Speaking of the conference, Burnham said he did not feel it had "come together yet, people are gonna have to work harder.

On the subject of people feeling disconnected from the climate event, the Mayor said: "Ordinary people in Glasgow will feel a bit disconnected from it. Then you have protestors who are screaming 'you're not doing enough' so I'm not sure people are connected to them either. The debate needs to get some broad base support; prioritise net-zero interventions that are gonna improve life for people."

(Full interview will be posted later.)

Andy Burnham. Photo by AJN.

18:15PM (IM): The Gaudie interviewed Katrin Harvey, the Chief Operations Officer of the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens

The full interview on youth and women empowerment, COP26 and expectations as well as projects of the Centre will be available in the next few days.

17:39PM (AJN): That's a wrap with the press conference.

17:37PM (AJN): Johnson is asked why Macron has left for home early and whether it was related to the recent Anglo-French fishing dispute

"We will keep going. And we are working very, very, closely with our French partners to tackle climate change. Regarding the fishing dispute he says "Britain's position has not changed."

17:35PM (AJN): Johnson says that pressure comes from consumers around the world, and banks like Barclays or others, if they break their climate pledges, there will be a consumer price to pay.

"There's been a big shift in power to people who care about forests."

17:31PM (AJN): Johnson says he is continuing to work with China and Russia, even though they did not attend COP26 "because of Covid" but says that more progress is needed from China and everybody else.

17:28PM (AJN): Asked whether as a "seasoned referendum campaigner" he would support a referendum of the way climate change is tackled:

"If we don't act now, we'll have an economic catastrophe, not only an environmental one. There's great wisdom in the British people and the need for change. They may not listen to me but they will listen to Sir David Attenborough. I think this country's had enough referendums to be getting on for a while".

Photo by AJN

17:25PM (AJN): "I think we've made some good progress on trees. But when we need to help countries, a huge transition is needed... The world has a lot, lot, more to do in the remaining days the world has."

17:19PM (AJN): Johnson: "The time on the doomsday clock is still ticking, but we have a bomb disposal team who are slowly clipping away at the wires."

17:17PM (AJN): Johnson says that plans have been put in place and billions of dollars committed to fighting climate change

Although the UK has committed £12bn pounds to fight climate change, the developed world will be slow in hitting the $100bn target.

"The commitments made here will be useless unless the promises are put into action."

17:13 (AJN): Boris Johnson has arrived at the conference

"We must take care to guard against false hop. There is still a very long way to go. But I am cautiously hopeful."

16:52 (AJN): The Gaudie is at UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's press conference

It's scheduled to start at 17:00 but let's see how that goes.

Only the press has arrived so far. Photo courtesy of AJN.

15:39 (AJN): President Niinistö says Finland will be carbon neutral by 2035

"In 1990, the IPCC published its first assessment, a report which highlighted the global consequences of climate change. For decades, science has been sounding the alarm. During these decades, we have gained more knowledge, we know the risks.

"A lot has been done. The Paris Agreement was a historic milestone and after that, many countries have set climate goals. Finland belongs to the most ambitious ones. We aim to be carbon neutral by 2035. But we have reached a point where we need to move beyond goals and pledges.

President Niinistö (right). Courtesy of AJN

"Change may seem inconceivable, but only until we act. Combatting climate change is one of our weightiest human responsibilities. Ensuring adequate climate financing is crucial. Finland is doing its part."

Caption: Sauli Niinistö speaks at COP26. Photo courtesy of Anttoni James Numminen

15:38PM (AJN) Finnish President Sauli Niinistö speaks at the national leaders' plenary.

Niinistö speaks of the need to take care of carbon sinks and the oceans.

"As the most forested country in Europe, Finland places great importance on the sustainable use of forests. Every year, 150 million trees are planted in Finland."

15:30PM (IM) “The important thing is how we want to achieve the goal of zero emissiona by 2050” says Japanese representative

Then the press conference was cut short due to the tight schedule of room bookings.

15:15PM (IM) Japan will develop “leading projects” to tackle climate change - says representative at press conference

Prime Minister Kishida emphasized the need for effort and cooperation to tackle the aftereffects of the Covid-19 pandemic - the press have been told. Development countries need to receive assistance too - it has been also highlighted.

14:30PM (IM) Launch of Global Methane Pledge continues

"Given methane's particularly powerful short-term warming effect, we really need to ensure an early peak and a rapid reduction in its emission by 2030" - says EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) President Odile Renaud-Basso.

14:15PM (IM) The Glasgow Leaders' Declaration on Forests and Land use have been published after being signed yesterday the 1st of November

Signatories promise to conserve and restore forests, promote sustainable development, enhance rural livelihoods, recognise the rights of Indigenous Peoples, incentivise sustainable agriculture, and facilitate the alignment of financial flows.

14:00PM (IM) The leaders of Colombia and Indonesia address the COP26 Forests and Land Use event which sees the pledge of 8.75 billion pounds of public funds and 5.3 billion pounds of private investments being committed to protect and restore forests

"Colombia is proud to endorse the Glasgow Leaders' Declaration on Forests and Land Use. The delegation is a landmark commitment from countries to work together to end deforestation and all land degradation within the next decade" - said Colombian President Iván Duque. Indonesian President Joko Widodo emphasized the importance of "protecting (...) critical carbon sinks (...) for future generations".

13:50PM (IM) More than 80 countries promise to cut methane emissions by 30%

This is "one of the most effective things we can do" said Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission. "Because of the action we are taking, the United States will be able to meet the ambitious target I set to reduce our emissions by 50% below 2005 levels by 2030" tweeted President Biden.

11:50AM (IM&AJN) A Gaudie interview with AUSA Student President Alisa Koester is on its way

Editor in Chief Anttoni asked Alisa on the conference, climate change, biodiversity and our university.

10:25AM (IM&AJN) There is a quiet but massive crowd queuing outside to get into the venue

The Gaudie reporters have been waiting for more than 30 minutes now and still have not passed the security checks.

10:15AM (IM) Fewer protesters are present at the main entrance than yesterday

The morning of the second day of COP26 only saw a small sudanese gathering outside.

09:50AM (IM) While hosting the conference Glasgow City Council also plans to establish a fleet of zero emission vehicles

By 2029 “Glasgow will become home to the largest fleet of hydrogen-powered bin lorries in the world” - a street sign says.

09:45AM (IM) Estimates assume 400 private jets’ arrival to Scotland

Even though arriving to a climate conference many world leaders and other prominent business leaders have been using private planes to travel to and from Glasgow - it has been reported. The usage of private jets has one of the biggest carbon footprints out of all means of transport and while inside the debate is on about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, outside many planes are waiting for take off to fly routes which could be covered by commercial travel options too.

08:40AM (IM&AJN) Good Morning! Our live updates will continue very soon.


19:30PM (IM&AJN) Our live coverage ends now.

Please check back tomorrow for more updates about the second day of COP26.

17:30PM (IM) Janos Ader, President of Hungary delivers his opening speech

“The achivements of science are quite clear. We must act“ - he told. ”Hungary will be carbon neutral by 2050” - he pledged.

17:05PM (IM) “The Maldives will cease to exist by the end of this century” - warns their President

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih also expresses their willingness to be part of the solution.

17:00PM (AJN) To a question why Aviation was omitted from decarbonisation…

Kerry said there are more challenges in that sector even though there are a few sustainable fuels available.

Isti covering COP26

16:50PM (AJN) Maersk representative Henriette Thygsen is also on the panel

"Shipping is part of the global climate problem but also the solution. It will be possible to move from fossil fuels to carbon-neutral fuels. The time to act is now. We can solve this together. Shipping companies must invest in green ships, customers must be prepared to pay slightly more and this must be enforced by regulators"

16:50PM (AJN) John Kerry also speaks at the press conference

“In the first hours of COP26, it has become evident that everyone understands the urgency. To get where we need to go now, over the course of the next decade, we have to do industry-wide changes across industry, simultaneously.”

Kerry also congratulates Maersk in particular for its role in decarbonising shipping.

16:45PM (AJN) PM of Denmark speaks about the importance of zero emissions

"As one of the worlds largest shipping nations, we are working hard to get a zero-emissions shipping industry... binding targets are necessary and we can start a green transition“

16:40PM (IM) Charles Michel, President of the European Council delivers his opening remarks

We encourage all our partners to follow the example of the European Union in fighting climate change - Mr Michel says.

16:40PM (AJN) The press conference of the Prime Minister of Denmark is starting right now

Security staff are removing everyone's drinks prior to the PM's arrival, presumably a precautionary measure to avoid a damp conference. PM of Denmark says silence has already spoken, and we need to act now. Need more ambition, faster.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and US climate envoy John Kerry - photo courtesy of AJN

16:35PM (IM) Central African Republic President calls COP26 a “last chance meeting”

Despite the media is saying otherwise, the Central African Republic is making progress in tackling climate change - he adds.

16:30PM (IM) South Korean President Moon Jae-in delivers his opening remarks

“Korea will reduce the carbon footprints of businesses” - the President pledges. He also advocates the Youth Climate Summit to be held regularly.

16:15PM (IM&AJN) Our editors on-site are back from a wee coffee break

15:05PM (IM) Biden announces the release of a new US strategy to tackle climate change

"We want to help more countries around the world" - he also mentioned.

Johnson, Biden, and Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

15:00PM (IM) US President Joe Biden speaks

"This is the decisive decade" expressed US President Joe Biden in his statement with also acknowledging that "climate change is already ravaging the world" and "is costing our nations trillions of dollars". Mr. Biden also reminded of the frequent storms and record floodings as consequences of rapid climate change. He also pledged to greatly cut the greenhouse gas emissions of the US by 2030.

"Climate change is about jobs" - President Biden added.

Biden also expressed his hopes to lead by the power of example and reminded that he took the US back to the Paris Climate Agreement.

14:45PM (IM) The national statements have begun

Heads of state will deliver statements in two different locations at the same time. "The world will be listening intently to your statements" said the COP President.

14:25PM (IM) We are still waiting for the national statements to begin

Meanwhile, delegates, observers, and the press have the opportunity to take photos in front of the jungle-styled COP26 installation in the Action Hub.

13:30PM (IM) Opening speeches have been delivered by several high-profile politicians

In the plenary, among others, Boris Johnson and Prince Charles have both delivered their opening remarks. So did Mario Draghi, Prime Minister of Italy who told the audience that "We decided to step up our actions. (...) We must now go further than we did at G20".

11:15AM (IM) During the ongoing opening ceremony small protests are occurring outside SSE Hydro and the main entrance

Some are demanding action on fossil fuels, while a small crowd of Ugandan people is protesting against their president Yoweri Museveni accusing him of selling "our rivers and lands to China".

10:35AM (IM) Leaders are starting to gather to discuss and take action on environmental change

"I will be asking world leaders to take action on coal, cars, cash, and trees - to keep alive the prospect of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees" - tweeted United Kingdom Prime Minister and COP26 host Boris Johnson earlier this morning.

10:30 AM (IM) Follow the official hashtags on Twitter and Instagram

Photo courtesy of NASA via Unsplash.


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