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British Red Cross on Campus

We are the British Red Cross on Campus society, University of Aberdeen, a proud delegation of the British Red Cross!

By Ogochukwu Nwokolo

Photo courtesy of Ogochukwu Nwokolo

Over here at BRC on Campus, we promote and execute the mandate and mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross to help people in crisis. Some of the activities we are involved in includes

  • Providing a prompt and effective response to aid people affected by conflict of different kinds through fundraising and other social events.

  • Responding to disasters in conflict within the campus zones or Aberdeen community through fundraising and other social events.

On top of these we have decided to start this year by assisting the community we live in, as they say “charity begins at home.”

Some of the events and activities for the year will include:

A first aid training event, coming up in October.

Volunteering opportunities within some charitable organisations we have partnered with, that our members are able to choose to get involved with and boost their extracurricular activities.

In November, we have planned a DROP OFF event, which involves providing food and other household essentials to disadvantaged individuals across Aberdeen. This is especially needed with the increase in the price of food and energy, which has drastically affected many families across Aberdeen. To ensure this is achieved we are partnering with a few charitable organisations in Aberdeen to help with the distribution of these items, and we urge students and people across Aberdeen to help achieve this by donating whatever they have.

We are also planning an event to promote diversity amongst the students, which will give each attending student the opportunity to display and share their cultural heritage without reservations.

British Red Cross on Campus provides opportunities for students with a passion for change, who want to create a positive impact, and join a network of individuals with a similar aim of doing good in the world. With the additional bonus of gaining valuable transferable skills while at it!

Volunteering at British Red Cross provides a unique opportunity for students to be part of one of the world’s foremost humanitarian organisations. Benefits include CV boost, increased employability, risk assessment skills, and much more. There are internship opportunities within the British Red Cross that are also available to members.

We promote diversity, skill and social development, while volunteering in a happy environment.

Please contact us on:


Facebook: Brc on Campus Aberdeen

Instagram: brcaberdeen


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