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Bridgewater (2021) | Podcast Review

by Miles Stebens

Are you feeling spooky yet in this pre-Halloween time? No? Well, look no further! Bridgewater’s first season is now available everywhere where you can listen to podcasts, ready to bring you a healthy dose of the supernatural.

Featuring a brilliant cast with Misha Collins as Jeremy Bradshaw, Melissa Ponzio as Anne Becker, Karan Soni as Vipin Khurana and Nathan Fillion as Thomas Bradshaw, Bridgewater is sure to pull you in from the very beginning.

courtesy of iheartradio

The story surrounds Jeremy Bradshaw, a folklore professor who has dedicated his life to the study of the occult in America. Being an academic, Jeremy doesn’t believe that the supernatural exists; he is merely fascinated by the anthropological aspect of myths and legends. When new evidence appears in the 40-year-old cold case of the disappearance of his father, police officer Thomas Bradshaw, Jeremy is pulled back into the mystery of his own past, which threatens to upend his worldview and forces him to question everything he knows. Jeremy teams up with Thomas’s old partner on the force, Anne Becker, and his Teaching Assistant, Vipin, to follow clues that will hopefully bring him closer to the truth behind his father’s disappearance.

What makes Bridgewater so impactful, besides the amazing voice acting and thrilling plot, is the fact that it is set in a real place, known as the Bridgewater Triangle, located in southeastern Massachusetts. The area, shaped like a triangle and spanning approximately 520 km2 is, by some, believed to be a magnet for supernatural activity. As one of the world’s most concentrated sites of paranormal reports, there have been sightings of cult activity and animal sacrifice, as well as a diverse range of otherworldly phenomena, from UFOs to ghosts to witches and everything in between.

The podcast is thus based on real folklore, which only intensifies its spookiness.

Aaron Mahnke, the creator, revealed in an interview that the idea behind Bridgewater was initially born through his work on Lore - a podcast exploring the dark and scary side of history, which has also been adapted for TV and published as books. Furthermore, if you’re fascinated by the supernatural, Mahnke is also the creator and executive producer of the podcast network Grim & Mild Entertainment, dedicated to delving into dark historical tales.

Without wanting to give anything away, I can only recommend that you give Bridgewater a try. It’s an enchanting podcast, and you won’t have to go through a tantalising one-week wait after each episode ends with a cliffhanger because all ten episodes that comprise the first season are out, right now, just waiting to be devoured by you. Plus, every episode is only about half an hour long and yet manages to contain so much story development that you’ll be guaranteed to remain enthralled throughout.

Lastly, and in very exciting news, Aaron Mahnke has confirmed on Twitter that a second season is already being scripted and aims for an August release next year.


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