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Breaking: fire alarm causes Duncan Rice Library evacuation

The alarm sounded at around 13.45pm and a fire crew was on the scene ten minutes later

By Anttoni James Numminen

The fire crew prepares to leave the scene. Courtesy of Anttoni James Numminen

The Sir Duncan Rice Library was evacuated this afternoon as a fire alarm sounded around 13.45.

Students and staff flooded outside into the chilly April breeze, not knowing whether it was a fire, a false alarm or a training exercise.

Though the attendance of a fire crew on the scene confirmed it was not an exercise, the fire crew confirmed to The Gaudie that it was "a false alarm".

Students evacuate the library. Courtesy AJN.

The reason behind the alarm was further elaborated by a member of security staff who told The Gaudie: "Someone accidentally broke the glass on a fire alarm". It is not yet known what floor the glass was broken on, but University communications has been approached for a comment.

While waiting for the fire crew to attend the scene, library staff said they were not aware of what the situation was, adding: "at least it's not raining."

Luckily for students though, the situation was declared over just as a hail storm began.

Students return to the Library. Video courtesy of AJN.

Half an hour after the incident began, the SDR Library's capacity had returned to 6%.


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