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Breaking: Boyne calls for additional Senate meeting

No date has been set for the meeting which will discuss "a revised approach" to assessment

By: Anttoni Numminen

Screengrab of the SFNDP Facebook page.

Principal George Boyne will be calling an additional Senate meeting to discuss "a revised approach" to the Senate's earlier vote against a University-wide No Detriment Policy (NDP).

In a statement to the Gaudie, Professor Ruth Taylor, Vice-Principal (Education) said: “As outlined in the email sent to students on 4 February, work is progressing in collaboration with colleagues across the university and in discussion with AUSA. This work started immediately after last week’s Senate meeting.

“The Principal will call an additional Senate meeting to discuss a revised approach. The date for this will be confirmed next week.”

However, the statement does not directly address the No Detriment policy or the approach that will be taken by the University.

Last week, February 3, the University's Senate voted against a No Detriment policy which would have meant "that assessment undertaken during the second half-session of 2020/21 will not have a detrimental impact upon undergraduate degree classification or postgraduate taught award."

Following that decision, a campaign group in favour of an NDP, Students For A No Detriment Policy, was set up, and it has been working alongside the Students' Association (AUSA) in calling for a new Senate meeting and vote on the policy.

A petition set up by AUSA calling on Principal Boyne to "call for an emergency meeting of the University Senate to hear the same No-Detriment Policy again" has so far gathered almost 2,000 signatures.

However, it is not known whether there will be a vote on the same policy at the upcoming Senate meeting.

Caption: Principal George Boyne

Speaking to The Gaudie, a spokesperson for the No Detriment Policy Campaign, said they were pleased the Principal was calling an additional meeting to discuss the University's approach to grading assessments, but stressed the importance of not passing a policy which is more than "No detriment in name only"

"We are pleased to hear that the Principal is calling an additional Senate meeting to discuss revisions to the University's approach to grading assessment. However, it is concerning that there was no mention of a No Detriment Policy, and we would like to put on record our worries that what will be on the table is going to be No Detriment in name only.

"That would be unacceptable. We are continuing to campaign for a No Detriment Policy that will provide fair and equal access to support to all students across all schools and courses, undergraduate and taught postgraduate alike", the spokesperson continued.

However, not all students and staff are keen on bringing in an NDP, with some arguing that it would devalue degrees to potential employers. Others have advocated for a school-by-school decision-making process with regards to NDP and other policies around mitigating circumstances.

Screenshot of an email sent to students on 11 February.

Some, who's assessments and dissertations are not due until next semester, have also been sceptical of the policy, while those in favour have said that passing an NDP now would lay the 'groundwork' for a similar policy next semester as well.

This is a developing story and The Gaudie will be providing updates as soon as it has them. Follow Gaudie News on Facebook for the latest.

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