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Black Honey, 'Black Honey' – Review

by William Jones


Black Honey are one of those bands which seems to have been around forever. Having released their first single in 2015, the Brighton-based four piece have released a string of singles and EPs over the last three years and performed at numerous festivals and gigs in that time. This, however, is only their debut album. Was all that work and the wait worth it? Of course it was.

For those of us who have become familiar with their work over the last three years, this almost feels like a good second album. Their fusion of indie-pop with disco and electronic sounds has been honed almost to perfection over the last few years. What really shines through on this album, though, are Izzy B Phillips’ amazing vocals. Her compelling style draws you in, with the album feeling almost like a journey of her personal thoughts.

Highlights on the album include ‘I Only Hurt The Ones I Love’, ‘Midnight’, and ‘Just Calling’, all of which showcase the high production value of this album, perhaps explaining why we have had to wait so long for it.

A mention of their live shows is also worthwhile; Philips has an incredible stage presence, one which comes through on the album – and they are going on tour next week. If you have the opportunity, definitely try to catch them.

If you like anything from indie to disco and are looking for an interesting record to listen to, it will be worth it. The album is far from a drag – one I suspect I will revisit many times.


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