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Allan Walker, 'Different World'

by Rachel Weisse


Alan Walker’s new album ‘Different World’ has been a pleasant surprise for me. Although I regularly listen to electro and house music, I prefer darker toned music and yet, despite it  its rather cheerful melodies, this album was very much to my liking.

In this record, serious themes like self-doubt and the battling of inner demons are approached; yet, the melody, whilst melancholic at times, is rather on the bright side and makes you want to get up and start dancing. ‘Different World’ starts off with a beautiful, soothing intro that sets the tone for the rest of the songs – a melodic atmosphere that gets you to dream about freedom and adventure whilst retaining a mysterious undertone. It then continues with a song named ‘Lost Control’, about someone losing grip on their life but still fighting to get better and find themselves. Like I mentioned before, it is a serious theme nowadays. Many young people growing up tend to blindly do what they are told without having the possibility to discover what they can and – most importantly – what they want to do. Throughout the whole album, the songs deal with similar messages, like the struggle to find love or how to stay true to yourself without hurting others. The melodies vary from more electronic tones to reggae vibes and country flair, but they all have a positive approach to the serious subjects they deal with.

The different artists who worked with Alan Walker definitely left their mark on the different songs. It is precisely that fact that makes it worth listening to. Out of the 15 tracks, listeners will certainly find at least one they like.

To conclude, I would recommend the album to all electro fans and to all those who want to discover something new. Some prefer to have music as a background noise, others prefer to listen actively to the lyrics. Either way, this album will surprise you.


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