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All University libraries to open from Monday

The University has informed staff that ‘all’ libraries will be opening from Monday 28 September

By: Anttoni Numminen

Photograph: UoA Alumni Facebook Page

In an email sent to University of Aberdeen (UoA) staff today, it was announced that all libraries would be opened from 28 September.

The libraries mentioned in the email are Sir Duncan Rice (which has been open for almost two weeks), the Taylor Law Library and the Medical Library at Foresterhill.

However, this will not include the Divinity Library in King’s College.

Divinity Library in King's College - Courtesy: UoA Alumni Facebook Page

“As has been the case at The Sir Duncan Rice Library (TSDRL), desks are marked to indicate if safe to use, signs will advise users to return handled books to quarantine trolleys, sanitiser and wipes will be available both for hands and in order to wipe equipment, and the rules we expect all our users to adhere to will be clearly visible.

“Our intention is to provide consistent opening hours across all sites, including evenings and weekends, but reduced from our usual term-time provision. However, in the first week our site libraries will open Mon-Fri 9-5 to assess how well they are working.

“Full details of opening hours will be included on our website ahead of the ezine announcement tomorrow.”

The email also states that all library-goers will be required to wear a mask and study spaces are set up at 2m distances from each other.

Photograph: AJN/Gaudie

According to the last update from the TSDRL, the current capacity provides 170 desks on the upper floors (of which, 22 have PCs). When this capacity is reached through the security gates, more library users will not be allowed in until other users leave.

Wavell House, a student hall in Hillhead, was this week placed under lockdown with all residents required to self-isolate for 14 days following an outbreak of the coronavirus. The message to staff says that as a result, the return to campus may be “an anxious time”, but “everything we have put in place in our Libraries has been done to safeguard them against the risk of transmission.”

Photograph: AJN/Gaudie

The email was sent by Simon Bains, Head of Library Services and Brian Henderson, Director of Digital and Information Services.


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