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Goodbye Grande: Campus Starbucks Closes

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Coffee shop struggled from lack of footfall

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

The University of Aberdeen's Starbucks has closed its doors for the last time, The Gaudie has learned.

The shop, located adjacent to Crombie Hall, had been open since 2015.

The cafe often appeared to struggle from low footfall, perhaps a symptom of it's location, tucked away from the main University haunts.

While a sign in the door stated the shop had been closed due to a "technical issue," the University confirmed to us that Starbucks had permanently closed the location.

It's final day was the 6th of June, per the University website.

A spokesperson told us that the coffee giant had declined to renew its lease.

The closure comes as yet another blow to the south side of campus.

Just yesterday, the University told staff that they were not going through with the long planned Johnston Hall development, which would have seen abandoned student flats turned into the business school's new home.

It remains unclear what the future may hold for the empty shop.

A spokesperson told us that the University was looking for a business to fill the space, but had not yet secured a tenant for the upcoming academic year.


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