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African and Caribbean Society

African and Caribbean Society X Black History Month

By Leah Flint

Photo courtesy of Leah Flint

Now that Black history month has arrived, us at ACS believe this is the perfect opportunity for us to showcase ourselves and what we stand for.

“ACS has had a couple of turbulent years, but since restarting again after COVID in February, we have been back up and running to the best of our new committee’s capabilities. We look to put on more events which create a social and welcoming environment for those students of African and Caribbean heritage as well as display our culture to the wider student population. So far we are doing great and the reception to our efforts has been outstanding.” As said by our President, Timi Kalejaiye.

ACS is a society that aims to enrich anyone who is interested in the culture and experience that is associated with Africa and the Caribbean. We also aim to celebrate black voices, support achievements and create a caring community for Black youth in Aberdeen. With this being said, we welcome anyone who wants to join the community. We want to focus on celebrating our differences and help bring the diversity of Aberdeen together, no matter what ethnicity you are.

This can be shown in our notoriously popular Bkchat event, where we have discussions based on a variety of topics interesting group members. This is a friendly debate that is open to all, (but only if you can handle the heat!)

For Black history month, we specifically want to get as many people involved as possible for our upcoming events. This includes rice tasting, (yes, there will be Jollof), a welfare pizza pj party as well as a talent showcase. The talent showcase will be an opportunity for Black creatives to demonstrate their hard work and talent.

ACS Aberdeen has also been nominated by Proudly Black and Scottish as a contender for African and Caribbean society of the year. If the students of Aberdeen could cast a vote for us that would be greatly appreciated as it would give our society the recognition we deserve.

Overall, we have tried our best since COVID to build up ACS to the standard that was held before, including building our social media platforms. Since February we have grown our Instagram following from 730 to over 1000. We have also gone viral on TikTok with most videos hitting the 1000 views mark, and one with 14.4k. This was done in the space of three months. Additionally, we have created sponsorships with the likes of Milk, Scandal, Urban Cutz and many more.

All in all, we hope that ACS will be recognised for our efforts, especially in Black history month. We want everyone to know that they are welcome and hope to see many more faces this year.

You can find us on:

Instagram: @acsaberdeen

TikTok: @acsaberdeen


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