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Aberdonians, Activists, and Accordion Players: Meet the Candidates

Updated: Jun 17

Seventeen candidates from nine parties will battle it out for two seats in Parliament next month

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

With the general election less than a month away, the two constituencies which make up the Granite City are buzzing with politicos and activists on the warparth.

SNP incumbents Stephen Flynn (Aberdeen South) and Kirsty Blackman (Aberdeen North) will look to stave off Labour and Conservative challengers in their respective seats. 

A number of other parties are also fielding candidates, including the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish Greens, Alba, and Reform. 

Read on for a quick introduction on all seventeen candidates standing in the city.

Aberdeen North 

Kirsty Blackman (SNP)

Photo Credit: SNP

Mrs Blackman is a veteran SNP politician, and was first elected to Aberdeen City Council in 2007 at the age of twenty one. After eight years on the council, Mrs Blackman was elected to Parliament in 2015, and successfully defended her seat in 2017 and 2019. 

Gillian Tebberen (Conservatives)

Photo Credit: Gillian Tebberen

A RGU graduate and HR manager in the energy sector, Mrs Tebberen is standing for the Conservative Party in Aberdeen North. She previously stood as a list candidate in the 2021 Scottish Parliament election, as well as in Lower Deeside ward during the 2022 local elections. 

Photo Credit: Lynn Thomson

Lynn Thomson (Labour)

NHS manager Lynn Thomson has lived in Aberdeen for 40 years. A councillor for Kincorth/Nigg/Cove ward, Ms Thomson was elected in 2022, after coming third in the Aberdeen South and North Kincardineshire constituency during the 2021 Scottish parliament election. 

Desmond Bouse (Lib Dems)

Photo Credit: Desmond Bouse

A councillor for George St/Harbour ward and a University of Aberdeen graduand, Mr Bouse is standing for the Liberal Democrats. Mr Bouse was elected to the city council in 2022, during his third year at the University. 

Photo Credit: Charlie Abel

Charlie Abel (Alba)

A native Aberdonian and the lead accordionist of popular ceilidh band Iron Broo, Mr Abel is standing for Alba in Aberdeen North. He has previously stood for Alba in the 2022 city council elections and 2023 Dyce/Bucksburn/Danestone byelection. 

Lucas Grant (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Photo Credit: TUSC

A 24 year old student and retail worker, Mr Grant was brought up in Northfield. He previously stood for TUSC in the 2022 city council and 2021 Scottish Parliament elections.

Photo Credit: Esme Houston

Esme Houston (Scottish Greens)

A local LGTBQ activist with a background in hospitality, Ms Houston is standing for the Greens in Aberdeen North. She previously stood for the Greens in the 2022 local council elections.

Kenneth Leggat (Reform UK)

Mr Leggat is standing for Reform in Aberdeen North.

Dawn Smith (Scottish Family Party)

Ms Smith is standing for the Scottish Family Party in Aberdeen North. She previously contested the Kingswells/Sheddocksley/Summerhill ward in the 2022 local council elections.

Aberdeen South

Stephen Flynn (Scottish National Party)

Photo Credit: Steven Flynn

A Dundee native, Stephen Flynn is the incumbent MP for Aberdeen South. Prior to being elected to Westminster in 2019, Mr Flynn was the leader of the SNP group on the Aberdeen City Council. 

Photo Credit: M Tauqeer Malik

M. Tauqeer Malik (Labour)

The current leader of the Labour group on Aberdeen City Council, Mr Malik is perhaps Stephen Flynn’s biggest rival in Aberdeen South. A RGU graduate, Mr Malik was first elected to the council to represent Lower Deeside ward in 2012.

Guy Ingerson (Scottish Greens)

Photo Credit: Guy Ingerson

The co-convenor of the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Greens, Mr Ingerson previously stood for parliamentary election in 2019. Formerly employed in the fossil fuel industry, Mr Ingerson has stressed the importance of a just transition for workers leaving the industry.

Photo Credit: John Wheeler

John Wheeler (Conservative Party)

A University of Aberdeen graduate and children’s services worker, Mr Wheeler served as a city councillor between 2017 and 2022. He will be looking to return control of Aberdeen South to the Conservatives, after they lost the seat in 2019. 

Photo Credit: Sophie Molly

Sophie Molly (Independent)

A musician and activist, Sophie Molly is standing as an independent candidate in Aberdeen South.

Photo Credit: Jeff Goodhall

Jeff Goodhall (Liberal Democrats)

An Aberdeenshire councillor for Huntly, Mr Goodhall is standing for the Lib Dems in Aberdeen South. 

Graeme Craib (Scottish Family Party)

Mr Craib, a chartered electrical engineer and RGU graduate, is standing for the Scottish Family Party in Aberdeen South. He previously stood for the SPF in the 2022 Aberdeenshire council elections. 

Michael Pearce (Reform UK) 

Michael Pearce is standing for Reform UK in Aberdeen South.


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