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Aberdeen University Clobber RGU to win 2023 Granite City Challenge

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Annual Varsity Competition Ends 75-24 in Aberdeen's Favour

By Clive Davies

Photo by Sai Shraddha S. Viswanathan

Aberdeen was bustling with excitement today as the University of Aberdeen squared off against Robert Gordon’s University in all manner of sports and activities. Granite City Challenge, the largest varsity competition in Scotland, is held annually and organised in partnership by AUSA and RGU Sports.

Events were held all throughout the city, across seven venues, Aberdeen Sports Village, Hillhead Student Village, King’s Pavilion, Elphinstone Hall, Hillhead Sports Centre, RGU SPORT and Union Brew.

AUSA's official breakdown of the results was as follows:

Athletics: UoA 131, RGU 91

Badminton: UoA 8, RGU 4

Boxing: UoA 6, RGU 1

Climbing: UoA 54, RGU 31

Cricket: UoA 93, RGU 92

Equestrian: UoA 22, RGU 14

Golf: UoA 2, RGU 3

Gymnastics: UoA 47.5, RGU 47.2

Kickboxing: UoA 4, RGU 2

Men’s Basketball: UoA 64, RGU 57

Men’s Football: UoA 4, RGU 2

Men’s Hockey: UoA 4, RGU 1

Men’s Rugby: UoA 75, RGU 0

Men’s Swimming: UoA 20, RGU 13

Men’s Tennis: UoA 0, RGU 6

Men’s Volleyball: UoA 3, RGU 0

Men’s Waterpolo: UoA 20, RGU 15

Netball: UoA 58, RGU 27

Rifling: UoA 795, RGU 790

Rowing: UoA 1, RGU 0

Snowsports: UoA 15, RGU 12

Squash: UoA 5, RGU 0

Trampoline: UoA 1, RGU 3

Women’s Basketball: UoA 65, RGU 39

Women’s Football: UoA 1, RGU 2

Women’s Hockey: UoA 4, RGU 1

Women’s Rugby: UoA 5, RGU 29

Women’s Swimming: UoA 20, RGU 13

Women’s Tennis: UoA 4, RGU 2

Women’s Volleyball: UoA 1, RGU 3

Women’s Waterpolo: UoA 13, RGU 10

Women’s Weightlifting: UoA 1, RGU 0

TOTAL: UoA 75, RGU 24

In addition to the competitive sports, numerous other activities were on offer including Archery Tag, Cheerleading and Dancing. Attendees could also enjoy catering and live music.

Organising so many events across seven different venues posed a significant challenge to organisers. Speaking about the success of the event, Aberdeen VP for Activities Adam Lambert said: “Overall I think the day went very, very well. I’m very proud of all of our team and super happy about the results.”


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