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'A Fantastic Opportunity'

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Students participate in Aberdeen Internship programme

By Josh Pizzuto-Pomaco

photo courtesy of the Careers and Employability Service

For ten weeks this summer, select University of Aberdeen students were given the opportunity to intern in various departments around the University.

Per the University’s website, the Aberdeen Internship Programme, organised by the Careers and Employability Services, is a ‘paid, 10-week summer placement programme’ made up of student interns entering their second and third years of university.

From June to August, seventeen student interns worked in a variety of departments across the University, including Student Experience, External Relations, Estates and Facilities, Research and Innovation, and Development and Alumni Relations. The internship programme featured regular lunch gatherings with fellow interns and was punctuated by a presentation given by each student to their colleagues as well as University senior management.

Third year Computing Science student Dorian Stoyanov, who spent the summer working with the Grants Academy and Directorate of Digital and Information Sciences, told The Gaudie that the internship was a ‘great start’ to his future career, which Stoyanov hopes will be research oriented.

Stoyanov said, ‘I chose that internship in particular… because it consisted of multiple interests I have, such as graphic design, data analysis and marketing. Currently I am working on my art portfolio thanks to this internship! I am passionate about design, so I am hoping to polish both my technical and art skills!’

The internship offered opportunities for students to develop both professional and social skills, as Stoyanov also commented. He said, ‘The programme gives you ability to develop both [your] soft skills and technical skills. I think it’s a great start to your future career.’

‘The programme gives you ability to develop both [your] soft skills and technical skills. I think it’s a great start to your future career.’

Alisdair McKibben, the programme’s director, commented, ‘The University of Aberdeen is committed to equipping its graduates for global employment and as such they are investing in initiatives that support our students gaining valuable employability skills.’

‘As a Careers and Employability Service we created the Aberdeen Internship programme and coordinate it year on year as we know it offers students a fantastic opportunity to gain practical, real world work experience that enhances their employability skills and makes them that much more attractive to future employers when it comes to graduation.’

McKibben was heartened by the success of the programme in a post-COVID environment, telling The Gaudie, ‘… we saw the highest number of interns ever taking part on the programme. We had a total of 17 interns this year working on a huge range of different projects across several different University departments which was so great to see.’

The programme accepts applications from all students in their second or third year of University. Further information can be found on the Careers Service website.


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