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A Decade of Celebrating Climate Week North East

Ten days of climate 'action and awareness' to come to the North East next month

The North East of Scotland is about to witness the greatest climate action and awareness event - Climate Week North East from 15th –24th March 2024.

Established by Aberdeen Climate Action in 2014, this initiative aimed to raise awareness on the fantastic local projects combating climate change across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Currently organised by NESCAN Hub, we are about to mark the event’s 10th anniversary through a 10-day programme packed with events that sheds insight into climate change and showcases the

innovative ideas, projects and organisations in Grampian that are leading the way in

adapting to our evolving world.

The signs of climate change in the Grampian area and across Scotland are hitting; from floods, power cuts, shortage of food, soggy winters to dryer summers.

The question of how we collectively tackle these issues is a big one, but the good news is we’ve got a starting point. We can conquer it together by making small changes in our daily lives, and each one

of us can proudly help the Grampian area to be a sustainable region to live and thrive.

Come and gain inspiration from over 80 diverse events.

Take a look at our programme and you will find a wealth of events catering for young and old! Explore fascinating scientific research, enroll in certified climate courses, and discover how to future proof your home to reduce your bills!

Immerse yourself in nature through walks, beach cleans, and foraging. Gain insights by viewing a passive home and hone your bike maintenance skills. Get ready for a fun-filled experience with your friends and family. Most of these events are free.

With local events happening in your area, check out our website at or pick up one of our brochures in your area for detailed event listings.

This year the theme is all about ‘take action’. “If not now, then when? If not you, then who?”

Be the change you want to see and register your pledge at Climate Week North East

Please check out our website for updated events as more will be added.


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