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A Day In Ukraine

Ukrainian Society Vice-President Offers First-Hand Accounts While Shielding From Drone Attack

By Sara A.

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Image courtesy of Anastasiia Korkina

“If you want to know how we feel every day and every night, we hear air sirens 3-5 times a day and at night.”, says Anastasiia Korkina, Vice-President of the Ukrainian Society, in an August interview with The Gaudie. She shares her experience of living a day in Odesa, Ukraine amidst the war.

She said that the nights are filled with fear. She and other Ukrainians wake up to the loud sounds of rockets and drones during the night. Then they need to run with their documents and hide, Korkina explained. She describes the experience:

“[You] hide in the nearest parking lot feeling animal fear. You are not sure if it will be you or someone else this time. But you can know someone will die today in Ukraine”.

Korkina was hiding from a drone attack during the time of the interview. “For example, right now I’m not sleeping because we have a drone attack from Russia, so I’m hiding. It’s 1:33 am.”, Korkina said. At this moment she said she only believes in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Korkina describes the attitude of the Ukrainians: “To be Ukrainian is to live despite daily death and suffering, despite air raid sirens, and despite the pain. People here have the most amazing sense of humour. And they can still smile even in a bomb shelter.”

Despite the resilience, the war has affected Ukrainians deeply. Korkina spoke of her grandparents residing in territories occupied by Russia. She adds: “I haven’t spoken to them for a year. [I] Probably won’t do that ever again, because this bloody war Russia started against Ukraine is not going to end anytime soon without the support from our allies.”

Describing how the nightly attacks weigh on the health of Ukrainians: “The health of Ukrainians deteriorates when they wake up from explosions 2-3 times a night.”, Korkina said. “The Russians are committing genocide of our nation not only directly, with missiles, but also at the expense of destroying our morale and immunity.”

To conclude, Korkina emphasises that “there is nothing that can destroy Ukrainian spirit.” She said that Russia’s attacks only make Ukrainians more angry and ready to defend their land. “We won't be able to [defend our land] if most of our people will die.”, Korkina said. “That's why we need support, because Ukraine is the shield of Europe.”

The author of this article warmly asks you to consider making a charitable donation to Ukraine through United 24 or the Prytula Foundation.


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