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2021 sabbatical election candidates announced

See who’s running for election in this year’s student election and how you can take part

By: Anttoni Numminen

The candidates for this year’s sabbatical election are as follow:

Student President - main student representative for University of Aberdeen students.

- Alisa Koester

- Xiuping Zhai

- George Taylor

- Re-Open Nominations (RON)

Vice President for Education - main representative on academic issues within the University, locally and nationally.

- Ondrej Kucerak (incumbent)


Vice President for Sports - main representative on physical activities and sporting issues within the University, locally and nationally.

- Donovan Brown

- Victoria Orr

- Adam Lambert


Vice President for Welfare - main representative in welfare and housing matters within the University, locally and nationally.

- Ivana Dradkova

- Natalie Campbell

- Callum McWilliam

- Orsolya Fulop


Vice President Communities - main representatives on matters relating to the local and student community to the University, locally and nationally.

- Gavin Mackenzie

- Camilo Torres-Barragan


The candidates' manifestos can be found here.

What is a sabbatical officer?

Sabbatical officers are full-time, paid representatives of the student body, who are elected for the following academic year each spring. These officers work together as a team, each focusing on their individual remit to try and represent students and drive forward their interests. Sabbaticals collaborate on issues aiming to make positive changes at University, local and national levels.

Are they paid?

Yes, according to AUSA their salary is approximately £19,100 (subject to review in July 2021).

How and when do I vote?

The polls open at 09:00 on Tuesday 16 March 2021, and voting happens via the Students’ Association’s website.

When will the results be announced?

The winners of the student elections will be announced at the end of the AUSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 19 March.

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Image: Courtesy of AUSA.


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